Black Bear

Ursus Americanus

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Physical Description

Some of the black bears are black and some
ones are brown. They live about 20 years.
They can be 5 to 6 ft or 1.5 to 1.8 m long and
can weigh 200 to 600 lbs or 90 to 270 kg.
They have very big nails.
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They mostly live in the north America
some live in the north of Mexico. The most
amount of bears is in canada and the northwest.
They eat salmon and meat because they are

Kingdom: Animal

Phylum/Division: chordata

Class: mammalia

Order: carnivora

Family: ursidae

Genus: ursus

Species: ursus americanus



Additional Information

Their dens in caves in the forest they are strong they can
clim up trees some people eat black bear meat and
use their skin to make things like to make hats to make jackets